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Seasons of Soul

P.o. Box 16214, Saint Paul, MN 55116, US

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I am on an unintentional spiritual journey.    On my journey I have loved completely, laughed heartily, and been loyal to a fault.  I have had moments where I have felt extreme confidence, and been able to entertain large audiences.  I have also been so paralyzed by fear that I've been unable to make simple decisions.  I'm fortunate enough to have made lifelong friendships.  I continue to mourn the loss of my beloved daughter, Olivia Nicole.   Life can change in an instant.  Just as we do when the seasons change, we adjust and carry on.  The question is, with all of life's changes, how does it affect your soul?  I'll find out as I walk my path on my journey.

My Community


I enjoy interacting with new people. Each interaction adds a bit of flavor to my experience and we're all a product of our experiences. Engaging with others can be uplifting and educational, especially when reaching out to people outside of our comfort zones. If you have something that you would like to ask, or something to say, or would just like to exchange ideas, please feel free to do so. I can be reached by email at

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I'm developing ways to connect with people beyond this blog.  There will be more to follow.